What elements can be palces in a Grid Cell

Is there a of list of elements that can be placed in a cell of ActiveWidgets Grid v2.0. For example can we place the new checkable list box in a Grid Cell? How about HTML text like highlighted or bold text?

February 2,
when you call obj.setCellText(...) you are actually assigning html content of the cell, so it may look like -

obj.setCellText("some <b>bold</b> text");
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 2,
As long as we're on this subject of 'setCellText'

Why does this (example taken from grid.htm docs)
Not 'actually put' the date in the cell, but RATHER the function it self?
i.e. the CLOCK KEEPS TICKING ( I know, How cool!!! but WHY?)
Be kind everyone, I'm sure this is obvious..

obj.setCellText(function(col, row){return new Date()}, 1, row);
G. Cayman
February 2,
Because most likely that function is being called over and over. Are you passing the pointer to the function? Instead, assign the result to a variable and pass that.
May 24,

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