"add a Row" Oddities....

Possibly I missed something obvious here... (so please tell me)

I find that in "examples\new\add delete row.htm"
If I change the data set, to a js array, (so than new rows are NOT automagically filled on creation. Not much works after the row add, that is sort stops working, etc. as well had no cells show up for that new row. If I (in the add row code)then fill each cell with SOMETHING, it works.

HOWEVER I can find NO way to get the row or cells to SHOW if I am using the "CSV" method of including data. It just doesn't show the cells or allow sorting or much of anything... IDEAS?

What do I need to do?


G. Cayman
February 2,
So far add/delete row and cell editing works only with JS array. CSV/XML models are read-only.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 2,
Is this also True for


That is: this is NOT suppoed to work yet, with CSV/XML???

G. Cayman
February 2,
No, it should work, but you have to call this method after the data is loaded, otherwise the grid (including selection) is cleared during table.response() call.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 2,
If you take the example, in old\that loads CSV,

AFTER the load,

For example if you add the single line
to the example:
old\data - csv text file.htm

It then won't render correctly on load?
But fixes itself after moving the slider..."

It DOES NOT render correctly..
IN IE...

G Cayman
February 2,
Give it a few "timeout" , just enough to finish the first rendering process:
window.setTimeout(function(){ obj.setCurrentRow(15); }, 100 );

February 2,

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