Help: Replacing grid data with images

Hi friends,

I have a situation that is confusing me slightly.

I'm being supplied an XML file that I'm reading and displaying the the grid.

Many columns that data in them such as:
column2: "green"
column3: "something.pdf"

What I'm trying to do is display an image "green.gif" (from "green" in column2) and a link of "http://filepath/something.pdf" (from column3). Thus, only needing to display in the grid the green image in column2.

I'm struggling with how to combine these to provide a functional link. The amount of rows displayed changes for each "area" I'm trying to display.

Any help would be great. I've been trying to do it for the last few weeks and either just not getting it or doing something stupid. I've been trying to rebuild the information contained in the column2 area to do the above.

February 5,

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