onCellClick function breaks onCellDoubleClicked???

I have some code in onCellClick function that takes a little bit of time (<2 sec) and I change some colors so I need to do a obj.refresh but now the onCellDoubleClicked function will not work. If I remove the obj.refresh that I do get the onCellDoubleClicked function to work. So I guess this may just be a timing issue but how can I fix it?
February 15,
If you call refresh() then the object DOM element is destroyed and re-created from the html, so all pending events are lost. If you only want updating colors then -

if you are using setClass() - there is refreshClasses() method
if you are using setStyle("background-color") it will not update immediately because of the AW bug ("-" inside style name) but if you use setStyle("background") it should be immediately visible without refresh.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 15,

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