Mulit line text in a cell

Using version 1 I had an XML file which had &lt;br&gt; (<br>) to give me a line break in my cell. I tried to do that with the XML examples and it never worked, it just outputed the text with "<br>" in it. I did however put a <br> in an array example and the line break worked fine...any suggestions?
February 21,
I forgot to mention, I am trying this in Version 2 and it is not working.
February 21,
&lt;br&gt; and <br> are not the same. You use &lt; when you really want to see the "<". If you put &lt;br&gt; in your array example I would expect it to display the text "<br>" instead of adding a line break.

I haven't looked at the XML examples but somehow you need to really send the "<" and ">". Maybe you could do that by using an escape function and then unescaping in the grid.

Hope this gets you going in the right direction. Sorry I don't know more about it.
Rob Francis
February 21,
With version one, &lt;br&gt; worked fine in XML, but <br> worked in the array! Somehow the XML is being treated differently.

if I put <br> in the XML file the grid doesn't load properly
February 21,
<br> is not valid XML. Have you tried using <br/>?
February 21,
That doesn't work either!
Maybe the best thing to do is put some spaces in there and turn on text wrap.
February 22,
Text wrap made it very ugly looking. hmm...any other suggestions?
February 22,
What I need is a character that will tell ActiveWidgets that there is a line break in the string I take in. Has nothing to do with XML I don't believe.

I tried \n and "\n" and '\n'. ....hmm
February 22,
You need to assign the HTML format (AW.Formats.HTML) to the applicable column. The xml data of the column will be treated as HTML. But a word of warning, multiline HTML cells cause the vertical scrollbar to dissappear.
Neil Craig
July 4,

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