Problem with FireFox

I start the basic.htm sample in FireFox an the grid looks very well, but if I store the same code in a page of my web server and open the web page with FireFox I see only two grey area without any data.

Can anybody tell me a solution of this problem?
February 23,
sounds like you haven't moved over the CSS files or you don't have them in the proper location on your server. Check your paths.
Jim Hunter (www.FriendsOfAW.com)
February 23,
Hi Jim,

thanks for your answer. Now ist looks a little bit better, but I have a new problem.

I have 5 rows in my grid, but the data will be showed in only one row. It looks like missing an CRLF in an ASCII file.
February 24,
Make sure you copied all the files from the theme you are using.
February 24,
In my css path are:
grid.css, grid.png, icons.png, loading.gif and gecko.xml

and in the javascript path is only the grid.js file

In IE6 and IE7 Beta2 everything looks very good.
February 24,

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