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I would like to buy active widgets, but I have 1 concern. Your $399 licence comes complete with 12 months of updates.

There are current issues with the controls running in IE7 and whilst I realise this is only a beta release, what would the situation be if IE7 is released after 12 months and there is still an issue with them. Would I need to pay another $399 or woudl you make exceptions to this?


March 2,
If it's expired, it probably will have to be renewed. IE7 needs alot more work, but 12 months is rather stiff guess. M$ will probably release still ridged with bugs and exploits and you will have to scratch your head wondering why something won't render right.
March 2,
The price for additional 12 months updates subscription is $197.50 (50%). Sorry, I cannot really predict when MS will release IE7 and from my experience with FF (where every alpha/beta version had completely different behavior) I will not be fixing incompatibilities with AW production code until final release of IE7 is available.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 3,

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