Active Grid is not displayed on Mac - Safari

Active Grid is not displayed on Mac - Safari . I am using Grid v. 1.0.1

I get an error saying undefined value for the grid
Mandar Deshmukh
March 17,
It dosn't support safari
March 17,
Thanks for the reply J.

But when it is intended to be used for web pages does'nt it mean to support various browsers and OS? Otherwise won't the site be browser specific?

Please can you explain the reason why it is not supported on MAC?

Is there any way to make the grid work on Safari on Mac?

Please help.

Mandar Deshmukh
March 17,
AW 1.0.x does not work in Safari, but it should work fine in Firefox on Mac. Safari will be supported in AW 2.0 Professional Edition.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 17,

You mentioned support for Safari will be part of the "Professional Edition". From this statement, am I correct to assume Safari will NOT be supported in the "Standard Edition - Site License"?
March 23,
Yes, Safari support will be in 'Professional Edition' only. 'Standard Edition' does not support Safari and will not be in the future.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 23,
When is the 'Professional Edition' stated for release?

July 19,
Is there any new updates on Safari support?

2006 is coming to an end, any idea on when Mac would be supported. We have pretty urgent needs on Safari.

November 22,

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