List control and horiz-scroll in FF

I think I'd try every css/template way to get the horizontal scroll-bar appear in Mozilla/FF, but I could pass over the simplest way.
Anyone solved it ??
March 22,
Sorry for insist on this, but I badly need news, (I wouldn't if isn't important) I seems simple adapt to it , but it's not.
The case is that I'm creating a (two columns) inputs-form inside a List-control in a "strange" :-) way.
field1 - field5
field2 - field6
field3 - field7
So, Item0 in the list contains input0 + input5 (also it's labels and margin). and there are some large inputs.

In IE horizontal scroll works with any of:
css.- .aw-list-item { width: 750px)
js.- obj.getControlTemplate().setStyle('width', 728);

But Mozilla/FF not, so any plans/workarounds/fix wold be appreciated.
(or I should change soon this design strategy ?) ;-)

Thanks in Advance.

March 23,

the list has three 'flow' modes which are switched with 'flow' class -

'normal' - inline left-right then top-bottom flow
'vertical' (default) - top-bottom, vertical overflow auto, horizontal hidden
'horizontal' - left-right, overflow hidden (used in tabs)

Maybe you should try .aw-flow-normal

list.setClass("flow", "normal");

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 23,
Thaks a lot Alex,
I'll give the flow classes a try.
March 23,
Yes, it worked !!
Now horiz+vert-scrolls are displayed, I thought I'd tried that , even in quiqref List sample say "inline" classname (that name confuses me)
The thing is, I was trying wit a width so close to the max that it's not detecting it.
Either "normal" or "inline" works perfectly using your suggestion:
list.setClass("flow", "<argument>")

Thanks again
March 23,
It also confuses me the fact that IE shows the horiz-scroll-bar so...
Just adding this for others (when using search engine)
I added a correction on obj.getItemTemplate().

In IE horizontal scroll works with any of:
css.- .aw-list-item { width: 750px)
js.- obj.getItemTemplate().setStyle('width', 750);
But Mozilla need to override the default flow-class with something like:
list.setClass("flow", "normal");
list.setClass("flow", "inline");

March 23,

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