HTA Application with Grid Problem

Hello evetybody,
I'm facing the following problem. I have a div that consists of 2 tables. The first table contains a form and the second in initially blank. What i wanna do is by filling the form' s fields and pressing the "submit" button to get the results of the query in a grid placed in the second table, but without refreshing the whole page!!
My approach is the following. When i click the submit button, i send the data in a php file, i connect to the DB, i get the results and then i create the grid.
Now i must place the grid in the second table without refreshing the page. In order to do this, i use a hidden iframe that replaces the contents of the second table (using the innerHTML) with the grid.
After doing this, the grid appears but doesn't work at all. It's frozen. If i click somewhere i get the exception "getTemplate is null....".
ny Ideas?
Thanx in advance.
June 7,

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