Error on obj.raiseEvent("editCurrentCell")

I'm receiving an error on the line of code.


The error is: 'undefined' is null or not an object. The indicated location is line 19, char 347, which is


Of course this may not be accurate; I've included the snippet just to provide as much info as I have available to me.

From my previous post, I see that others are experiencing the similar problems. Any ideas?
Michael Norton, Compass Technology
April 13,
The editCurrentCell handler expects an event object (bug) and tries to cancel it. This is the last statement of the event handler function so it should be possible just to wrap call to raiseEvent into try...catch statement and block this error.

try {

Alternatively you can look at startEdit() function in /source/lib/grid/_cell.js and modify it to your needs.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 17,
Can't believe I didn't think of trying that. Thanks for the assist, Alex.
Michael Norton, Compass Technology
April 17,

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