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We are planning to use AW and have started to use Prototype AJAX framework together. Ajax.Updater is used to make AJAX call (evalscripts as true) and the server responds with HTML/scripts. The html/scripts are put inside a div tag and scripts are evaluated... Our scripts code contains creation of an ActiveGrid and a document.write(activeGrid) method call.

When this call is made , browser is opening a new tab/window instead of show the grid in the same window. Not javascript experts, So we have no idea... It may not be AW problem but we need some help here...

Raj Kamineni
Advanced services
Neustar Inc.

Raj Kamineni, Neustar Inc.
April 19,
You can only call document.write() during initial page load. In all other cases use parentDIV.innerHTML = obj instead of document.write(obj).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 19,
thanks.. our team in India got it done.. but we are facing some weird issues some times the prototype is not executing the script properly on IE and we can't see the widgets. We postponed such implementation untill we understand the prototype framework.

Raj Kamineni
Advanced Services
Neustar Inc
Raj Kamineni
April 21,
Again this has nothing to do with AW.. just that our team is not yet comfortable with prototype framework. We are trying to use MVC pattern but facing issues with prototype inheritance
Raj Kamineni
April 21,

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