Double Row Header with colspan ( Alex )

Hi Alex,

Please help me in implementing the header with a two rows and with a colspan.
I have looked at the link :

and implemented the above code.
I can manage to have a double row header with colspan, but there are other issues like:
1) The second row header is not resizable ( only the first row header with the data resize it column )
2) How to change the width of the columns. Since the column has variable width.
3) If I manually add the width of the particular column say;
.aw-column-1 {
WIDTH: 430px;
the width of the column with data increases and not the header width.
4) How to make sort possible for the second row of the header.

Help me in resolving this problem. I'm using 2.0 version as a proof of concept to implement the this tool in our application.

One more question:
If i buy this tool, will you give support for the licence version. If Yes, then how long?
Sanjay Sharma
May 18,

the provided support is normally limited to troubleshooting ActiveWidgets code problems and providing bug fixes/workarounds. Unfortunately I am not able to add new features on request or design a custom solution for your application requirements.

Sorry, I cannot suggest much regarding multicolumn header. The code made by Brad Anderson (
http://www.penguinblotter.com/colspan.html ) is the most advanced which I've seen but even this one does not solve the problem completely.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 18,

Thanks for the reply.

I will try to work around in different way.

Would you suggest different method.
Sanjay Sharma
May 19,

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