Poor performance of AW with multiple grids on the page


Problem :
There are around 50 AW Grids on my page , each with around 100 columns and 1 row.
These grids included on the parent page on click of a twistee image.
As I go beyond 15 Grids expansion/rendered on my page , the Performance of the browser reduces majorly.
Expanding any more twistees for Grid starts taking lot of time and the browser sometimes hangs.
The memory/CPU usage spikes up to aroung 75-80% on the machine.
Any other operation on the browser shows similar results.

May 18,
I've noticed in my development that having too many objects in the DOM will cause browser performance issues. I suspect this may be the cause of your performance issues.
May 18,
I too have seen this issue.
I was looking to an onclick drop down menu as a sultion for a context menu and the performance just went to the floor, so I am now stuck with trying come up with another way to delete line.
May 18,
(I work with Smriti.)

The main question is:

Is there any way to get reasonable performance from a page that has 50 grid widgets on it? Or must we re-design the UI so that the grids can't appear together?

Other questions:

Is it possible to create, say, just one big grid widget and reveal only pieces of it in the 50 places?

Does the slowness come from # of objects, the # of listeners, the # rows + columns, the # of copies of DLLs, a fault in IE...?

Thanks for any guidance.
May 19,

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