Button's tooltip

How to add tooltip for AW's button? Is this possible?

May 19,
Not sure what you mean by AW's button... this sets tooltip on a per cell basis.

// Set tooltips: col, row
obj.setCellTooltip("Column 0 - Row 0", 0, 0);
obj.setCellTooltip("Column 0 - Row 1", 0, 1);
May 23,
Well, what I mean is how to display tooltip for a general aw button. My screen is mix with aw Grids, aw buttons and some .Net button from server side. The client asks to display tooltips for every button sand grid's cells. I used the similar code, as your sample code, to display tooltip for aw grid and that works great! I also be able to display button's tooltip for .Net's button. But I can not find way to display aw's button's tooltip. all the buttons I mentioned are outside grids.
May 23,
obj.setControlTooltip("tooltip text");

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 24,
Woks & Thanks!

May 24,

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