Date format problems

I wish to format dates in a grid using data rendered as xml by castor.

I'm using the following with AW 2.0:

grid.setCellFormat(dateFormat, colNum);

I'm getting '#ERR' in the column. I wondered if it could be due to the fact that the date strings seem to be missing the zone designators (eg. a trailing "+1:00"). Here is an example:


I also saw an example which used the (erroneous) "ISO8061". I tried this but it did not work.

Can anyone advise me?

May 25,
Currently ISO8601 format in AW expects the date EXACTLY as produced by .NET code, for example,


for some reason I thought that this is kind of standard which is used by everyone else :-) In the future I will make parsing less strict but currently you have to make your dates exactly as in this example or modify date parsing regExp (/source/lib/formats/date.js, line 133).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 25,

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