overide onRowSelectedChanged function with a setCellLink function

I have a function (function A) called on onRowSelectedChanged, and i have a function (function B) called on setCellLink which resides on the same row.
If i click the row, but not on the cell , function A has to be triggered.
If i click on the cell , function B has to be called.

here is my code

function on the row
var myController = {
onRowSelectedChanged: function(v, i){
------ some logic ---
memoGrid.setController("selection", myController);

function on the link
obj = new AW.Templates.Link;
memoGrid.setCellLink("javascript:openBuissnesCard()", 2);
memoGrid.setCellTemplate(obj, 2);
Is there any solution for this.

anyone advise me?

May 25,

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