How to display "Loading please wait" as in the XML tutorial

How do I display the loading please wait image that is in the XML tutorial. I am using the javascript array to load the grid and not XML
June 23,
To show "loading..." message use this code:
obj.setStatusProperty("code", "loading");

When your data is ready:
obj.setStatusProperty("code", "");

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 26,

I have also been trying to this. At the start after I create the grid, i have the following lines of code,

var obj = new Active.Controls.Grid;
obj.setStatusProperty("code", "loading...");

...followed by all the code necessary to create the grid. Then I have at the end,

// write grid html to the page
obj.setStatusProperty("code", "");
setTimeout('obj.refresh()', 0);

However I am getting a javascript error saying it doesnt recognise the method, ie "Object doesnt support this property or method" for the line

obj.setStatusProperty("code", "loading...");

Any idea where I am going wrong?

July 16,
I tried exactly what Alex suggested. I get the loading.gif running and it never goes away.

Doing what the other person said, it does not display the loading image because of the "...". Also, the second write causes the display to be set up with part of a table on top followed by the real table. The setTimeout and close does not seem to have any effect.
March 8,
Anyone's help on this will be greatly appreciated! I would like to get this cool control working. In case it is of any help, I am not using Active.XML.Table at all, just the standard Active.Controls.Grid. The GIF on the "xml - simple" example (and some others) work. I took a look at the code and they must do it for free. I wonder if it is supposed to be able to work in other cases as none of the other samples (non-XML) seem to be doing this.

Thank you for someone's quick response (being hopeful here ;-) )
March 8,
note the correct row is:

obj.setStatusProperty("code", "loading");

and not:

obj.setStatusProperty("code", "loading...");

March 8,
I try to use this too but i doesnt work as suposed

I get the "Object doesnt support this property or method" message.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
May 18,

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