Auto jumping with multiple selections

as in version 2.0.0 multiple selection works fine for me in version 2.0.1 the first selected row is always focused when adding a new selection via Ctrl+Click. This is confusing in large tables. So how can I turn off this new feature.

June 27,
I've found a way to set focus back to the last added row via getScrollTop after focusing, but the flickering isn't very user friendly. So any idea how to prevent focusing the first selected row after adding a row is very appreciated.
June 30,
Hi Forum,

I have investigated the same issue. I select multiple rows within Grid Widget and the view jumps to the top row again (and does not remain at the selected row position). That is very user unfriedly, because he loses tracking of his current position within the result table. Could we get a bugfix of version 2.0.1. Thanks a lot
July 3,
Hi All,

I also had this same issue and found a workaround that works very well. The fix is to set the onRowCtrlClicked event method to a funtion that sets the current row to the last index clicked.

Grid.onRowCtrlClicked = function(event,row){
var Grid = new AW.UI.Grid;
Grid.onRowCtrlClicked = function(event,row){
August 16,

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