How to set width of two sets of text inputs

I am having a great time using this library. But there are a few questions.

How can I set the width of an Input using a style class?
I can set each input's width using the setStyle() method:
var custName = new AW.UI.Input;

But there seems to be no way to set the "width" property using CSS.

Keep in mind that I have two classes of inputs.
e.g. customer and creditcard information are presented in two DIVs and we want to have different size fields for each "class" of intputs.

November 3,
Use setId() method and #id CSS selector -


#customer {
    width: 200px;

#creditCard {
    width: 50px;


    var obj1 = new AW.UI.Input;

    var obj2 = new AW.UI.Input;

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 6,
or, if you have several controls with the same style use setClass method -



.aw-group-customer {
    width: 200px!important;

.aw-group-card {
    width: 50px!important;


    var obj11 = new AW.UI.Input;
    obj11.setClass("group", "customer");

    var obj12 = new AW.UI.Input;
    obj12.setClass("group", "customer");

    var obj21 = new AW.UI.Input;
    obj21.setClass("group", "card");

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 6,
The second example is what I am looking for.
November 7,

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