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I'm useing the grid for our clients to relate products to cars, therefor I've setup a grid which represents on top the products and on the side the cars. The grid itself is made up of checkboxes which I just load as a value (no specific AW actions just like <input type="checkbox" value="1" name="artikel[12]" checked">).
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this works like a charm as long as the checkboxes are in sight, once scrolled out of sight the checboxes lose their values (checked or unchecked).

Does somebody know how to fix this (send info through ajax when getting out of sight?) Otherwise the grid wouldn't be of much use to me (and my clients) as this is the exact feature what I was looking for. Getting a grid like Excel to relate on thing in an easy way to another.

Please let me know whenever you've got the feeling it could help my issue.
Thanks in advance.
November 7,
Have you tried using the AW Checkbox component instead of the Form control?

Should definitatly work.
Karl Thoroddsen
November 7,
Hi Karl,

I will dive into that, any pointers for me to watch for?
November 7,
November 7,
You may also switch off virtual mode to prevent rewriting of the cell content (if your grid is not very large) -

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 7,
Hi Alex,

Well I've got about 900 rows and 40 columns to load, so it will take a while. But I've chosen that solution for the moment any way as it was the least programming effort and the release of the website is nearby. To compensate I've decided to place a notification in the center of the screen that loading all data can take up to 30 seconds (most often a lot quicker), which will be made invisible once the grid is ready to show.

Client happy, I'm happy.
November 8,

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