Right side of AW.UI.Button clipped in IE7?

Fix available?

.aw-ie7 .aw-text-expand .aw-item-box[id] {  float:none; }

Does not seem to work.
Karl Thoroddsen
November 14,

this patch is supposed to fix the gap between the left and the right sides of the button image in IE7 using strict doctype and when the button width is fixed either with width:..px or setSize() method. Is it the same problem that you have? If not, could you give an example and steps to reproduce it?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 14,

And select "Controls Standard" in IE7

Notice the button example. It is clipped on the right hand side.


When I on the other hand opened the online demos on this side they do not display this problem, i.e. the button displays correctly in IE7.

I am wondering if I am possibly running v2.0. Was this fixed in 2.01?
Karl Thoroddsen
November 14,
This was a Caching issue. IE7 was caching the 2.0 aw.css stylesheet so I had to manually go into the cache and delete its copy.

Karl Thoroddsen
November 15,

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