Mozilla FireFox Issue

Hi Alex,

I am facing an issue with Mozilla Firefox version 0.9.2

In my application I am using the grid extensively; The application has a main page where I display the grid, based on selections in this grid the page is reloading with another page with 4 grids. Based on some selections the grids are toggled to display different data. The data model is the XML model.

Now for the problem. On the first page the grid loads correctly and displays the data. On the second page I get a javascript error when loading the grid.

FireFox JS Console reports
xml.setProperty is not a function

Source http://localhost:8080/adept/js/grid/lib/table.js line 76

The actual line is
xml.setProperty("SelectionLanguage", "XPath");
in the method obj.setXML

I do not understand why the grid would function fine on the first page and throw an error on the second page. Do you have any suggestions?

August 18,
Hi Alex,

Do you have any idea about this error? In case you don't pointer to where to look would be useful

August 23,
Hi Bhaskar,

I don't fully understand this yet. It looks like I have a bug in my IE emulation, and it is triggered because the data on your second page is not recognized as a valid XML. Can you please check that you are sending "Content-type: text/xml" header with your second data file and it is a valid XML, while I am still looking at a possible bug there.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 23,
Hi Alex,

Thanks for the response. I will verify and let you know

August 25,

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