Thai Language incorrect present when load from CSV file to data-grid

I have a language-problem in Loading CSV file to grid-data by following detail :

1. I used file basic.htm in folder examples/grid data csv - text file for testing.
2. I edited csv-file,named "companies1.csv" by changing "Oracle Corporation" to "Oracle Corperation ÀÒÉÒä·Â", Adding Thai-Language 3. When I cheecked a result in my browser,IE7,then found a grid-data presented rectangle character insteaded Thai-Language 4. No-problem for javascript-array in Thai-Language.

Additional :
I bought Standard Edition License, Order No. = 23763686

Nuttapon Tharachaikul
June 8,
The CSV file must be in UTF-8 encoding for any non-Latin text. Open the file in Notepad and use File-> Save As... menu with UTF-8 encoding in the bottom select box instead of ANSI. It seems that Excel always saves CSV files in ANSI encoding and Thai characters are lost.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 8,
Dear Support,
Problem solved. Thanks.
Nuttapon Tharachaikul
June 8,

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