Pre-Select the Last entry ??

Hi ...

How to preselect the Last entry in the Grid ?

I would like to pre-set which columns are sortable or not sortable.

Best greetings Philipp
September 8,
obj.setSelectionProperty("values", [myData.length - 1]);
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
September 11,
and for sortable columns pls look here:

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
September 11,
I see that obj.setSelectionProperty("values", [myData.length - 1]);
does in fact "select" the last row, however, if the row isn't in the 'viewable' area, you can't tell.

How can I make the grid scroll down so that the initial selected row is in the viewable range?
January 26,
It seems that Firefox 1.3 is not supported on a couple of subjects.

1) When resizing a header, the grid columns doesn't resize.
2) When scrolling the grid with mousewheel, only the scrollbars move, NOT the content.
3) When navigating rows with arrows, Page Up, Page Down, etc. the grid doesn't scroll into viewable area.

They all work fine with IE 6, and used to work with Firefox 1.2

If someone has a way to dynamically scroll the selected row into the viewable area, please let us know.
Psilo [at] Cyberspacement [dot] com
May 13,
Just to get some attention ;) and bringing the topic to the top.

Anyone??? Alex??? (I know you're very busy)
Psilo [at] Cyberspacement [dot] com
May 20,

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