Editable Combo boxs are disappering in IE6

I am using evalution version of ActiveWidgets,I developed a JSP page using struts,AJAX and Active widgets.

Using Active Widgets component i delveloped some editable combo boxes in the JSP page. If i tried to type any value and click on the searc button then the some situations the combo box is dissappered and if i refresh the page then every thing is rendered properly.

And when the combo box is dissappered i found a java script error i.e 'permission denied'.

is this error will be resolved with the orignial verion or not.or is any modifications are settings are required to resolve this issue.

Could you please suggest me.
February 8,
Please post (or send me) a sample code and the instructions how to reproduce this.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 12,
I couldn't share the sample code due to our organization policies.
I can give you the senario.
JSP page contains three or more editable combo boxes, and these editable combos should be generated dynamically.
And data in the combo should contain more than 30 records.
Take the employee table, table contains empName,dept,sal,address.
empName,dept,sal are editable combo boxes.
if user type A in emptName combo then all the employees names contains A should be loaded into combo using AJAX process.
And the corresponding dept and sal will be loaded in corresponding combo boxes.
If empoyee types some salary is sal combo the corresponding employees and departments will be loaded in other combos.

At this senario, if we select or search symulteniously then this error will be generated in IE6.

February 14,

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