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I have disabled scrolling in my grid (on purpose). Yet, when the mouse is over the grid, the scroll wheel does not scroll the entire page in which the grid is embedded. Its like scroll events for the window are captured and then tossed out.

I am using Alex's code to disable grid scrolling:

obj.onScrollBarsChanging = function(){return 1}; // cancel change

Could it be that onScrollBarsChanging to be set to something else?

Thanks for any info...
Ken Whittington
March 21,
What you did is correct but you are also right in that the scroll events need to be disabled too.

Have a look at -
for the event handlers.
March 21,
You have to disable mousewheel event handler on the scroll template -

obj.getScrollTemplate().setEvent(!AW.gecko ? "onmousewheel" : "onDOMMouseScroll", null);
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 25,

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