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Want to color/shade the specific cell while exporting the csv file via PHP

I m exporting a csv via php. i need to shade specific cells on some conditions any idea how to do that?

a piece of code is here...
while(!$rsLength->EOF && $rsLength!=null)
$rsPrice = $objProduct->GetProdPrice($rsWidth->fields['width_ID'],$rsLength->fields['length_ID'],$ProdID);
$new_contents .= "---,";
<font color="red"> <?$new_contents .= "*$ ".$rsPrice->fields['price'].",";
else if($rsPrice->fields['isSplice']==0)
$new_contents .= "$ ".$rsPrice->fields['price'].",";
help needed
March 26,
I asked a similar question about 2 months or so ago.

The solution is quite simple. You can do it in JavaScript with some calls to the AW functions. E.g. -
        obj.setCellColor(function(col, row){
                return this.getCellData(4, row).match("fail") ? "red" : "black"})
        obj.getCellTemplate(4).setStyle("color", function(){
                return this.getCellProperty("color")})

In this example, I set the colour of the text in the fifth column to be either red or black depending on whether the text matches the string "fail" or not.
March 26,

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