page scrolls to the right when selecting row - after upgrade 2.0.2 - 2.5.1

This is a strange problem I encounter after replacing 2.0.2 ( licensed ) with 2.5.1 ( trial )
My page submit an ajax request each time a new row is selected which causes a part of the page to be re-rendered ( the re-rendered part includes the table )
With 2.5.1 it causes he whole page to be scrolled to the right hand side.

If another HTML component on the page causes the re-Rendering, everything is just fine... So I assume there is some difference in this respect between 2.0.2 and 2.5.1

Will appreciate much any help we this as I must upgrade to 2.5.

April 2,
I forgot to mention that this behavior is only in IE7.
In FireFox it is works fine
April 2,
it seem that when you repaint the grid the focus goes to some element located on the right. That forces the page to scroll to make focused element visible.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 2,
Hi Alex
Thanks for your quick response.
there is no other component to the right of the grid but it is nested inside
few tables.
The behavior I described is only in IE and grid 2.5.1 so it is not very probable it is a focus issue.
BTW, when the page is re-rendered no component has focus.
I am looking int that further but will appreciate any ideas.
April 2,
If the repaint is triggered in response to row select then the grid must have focus (for selecting a row). The grid focus normally is assigned to the small hidden textarea element in top right corner of the grid. When you resize or change content of the page - IE tries to keep focused element visible by scrolling the page.

Another possible explanation is that the nested tables layout becomes unstable when you change the content and all scroll positions are reset. That is quite common when the content size is set to 100% of the cell (and the browser calculates table size from its content).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 2,

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