Wants to use Flash wrapped with AW

Hei again.

I want to use Flash as separately object on the web wrapped with AW?
(no scrolls)

I just want to make a constructur AW.HTML.Flash?

I think maybe Flash with AW.HTML.DIV wrapped around.
I hope it isn't necessery to use iframe, I want communication.

Is this possible, to make a simple AW.HTML.Flash?

I think I can use a AW.HTML.DIV and setContent("html",flashstarter), but that isn't my first choice.
April 17,
Ordinarilly, Flash is embedded as an HTML object. Here are two links that describe the details -

I don't think you really need a DIV unless you plan to do something with that DIV too.

Anyway, I would try creating the Flash element as some innerHTML code first. There is an AW.HTML.IMG namespace but the IMG type is seldom used for Flash.
April 17,
I just came across this page -
I suggest you check the page source to see how to call Flash from some JavaScript code.
April 18,

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