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Fixed cell , header and footer width


Number of columns in my grid are dynamic. So , i cannot use
.aw-column-n {} syntax to give width to columns. I need to give same width to all columns. I've used syntax

.aw-grid-cell,.aw-grid-header,.aw-grid-footer {width: 55px}

for fixing column width. but in this case , i am getting 2 extra columns
at the end when visible space is more than no of columns displayed.

I don't want ot use setColumnWidth as there are performance issues with this.

Please suggest me some other way for fixing column width.

Ritu Sharma
June 13,
for my code i have widths set differently being sent over from the server, so in one of my loops that set the formats i just tacked on this to the end.

table.setColumnWidth(myLengths[msk], msk);

That doesnt seem to be the best way for you, but it will work if all else fails.
Ryan Garabedian
June 13,

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