grid overlaps popup div in ie

Hi All,

I am using this grid, on click of one of the cell I am opening a pop up div (not a window pop up). but in ie the pop up goes behind the grid. I tried z-index property but no success can any body help me in this case
June 21,
You may need to post some code.
June 21,
When using z-index don't forget to set position to 'relative' or 'absolute'. Also in some browsers the difference in z-index is only taken into account between sibling nodes, so you may need to set z-index of the popup parent or insert popup directly into the body element.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 21,
hey thanks for quick reply guys

well i found the solution its simple use that grid in iframe thats it.
June 23,
hi guys simply z-index also solves the problem i had some different structure thats why there was some problem in it. Now its done
June 23,

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