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firstly these AJAX activewidets are the best
after a week of playing around of wanting to get data to php without using the scripting objects I ended up using cookie's. in which i load my load from the grid to the cookie and submit my form and echo back the cookie data in php
In javascript the following reads the grid and create a cookie
function savegrid()
var data="";

for(var gridRow=1;gridRow<=obj.getRowCount();gridRow++)
for(var gridColumn=0;gridColumn<obj.getColumnCount();gridColumn++)
data += gridRow+""+gridColumn+":"+obj.getCellText(gridColumn, gridRow)+"/";
document.cookie = "cargoList="+data+";expires=Thur, 31-Dec-2099 12:34:56 GMT";

then in php

echo $_COOKIE['cargoList']."<br>";

to get each cookie item you can then explode by '/'.
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August 4,

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