How to keep the grid selector visible when panning

With a large grid, panning is necessary, but I stlll want to see the selector row number as I pan. Presently, it pans with the rest of the data and thus I cannot see which row I'm working on when making an update.

Somewhere in the bowels of the support forum is a method to do this, but I've not been able to locate it.
August 11,
Use AW.Grid.Extended and setFixedLeft method -

var obj = new AW.Grid.Extended;
    obj.setFixedLeft(0); // no fixed columns, only row selector is fixed
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 11,
Dear Alex,
Is there really no way to do it with a standard grid ? In my case the display of the extended grid is to slow.
August 15,
Well, the ability to 'freeze' some columns is exactly the difference between the standard and extended grid. Internally that means 3 sections (top, middle, bottom) in the standard grid and 9 sections in the extended, and this accounts for some performance loss.

However the difference in performance should not really be that big. In any case the render/refresh time in both cases should be below 1 sec for large grids and close to 0.1 sec for the small ones (by large/small here I mean the number of visible rows/columns, not the total dataset size). If you have >1 sec for a grid repaint then something is wrong.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 15,
Dear Alex,
Hmm, I didn't know this was the aim of the extended grid, sorry about that!
I'm using a 100 lines grid with paging. The sorting of a column is indeed slower. I didn't measure it in ms (or s :-) but the difference is clearly visible. I also change the color of the lines when the mouse cursor is over and I have a non-negligible delay that I don't have with the standard grid.
I can now choose between speed or fixed selector.
Thanks a lot for your reply and best regards
August 19,

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