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I have a Combo that's filled with a list of 50 items. When I select an item (e.g. item 37), the Combo closes as it should and item 37 is selected. However, when I re-open the Combo, it displays the top element (item 1) as the first item in the list. Is there a way to force it to show item 37 as the first item in the list? Also, I realize there will be exceptions, such as lists that aren't long enough to scroll (the list should then just pop up) or when the selected item is either the last item in the list or close to it (so it couldn't be the top element in the list).

September 11,
Note: I'm using 2.0.1
September 11,
I'm having the same issue. The list has 187 elements and I want to position at 81 or whatever.
April 22,

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