setting a cell id?

In a repeater I would use

document.getElementById(""" & cellId & """).innerHTML =

to find the cell and update the value using javascript, is it possible to do it with this control?

What I am aiming to do is have a link on a row, when clicked javascript is called, something is done, which inturn will then change the text on the link. I would like this change to occur without a page refresh, hence using javascript to update the innerHTML. This works fine using a repeater and standard HTML tables, but can't find a way to modify code to get the same effect for this control.
September 18,
You can update the innerHTML of a cell with setCellText method -

grid.setCellText(text, col, row);
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
September 19,
Hi Alex,

Thanks for the reply.

I already use grid.setCellText(myData); How would I also use that to set a different value to the displayed text?

Kind regards

September 22,
What I am after is the ability of setting the cell an ID then being able to find the cell using

document.getElementById(""" & cellId & """)

where I can then change its innerHTML.
September 22,
The cell id is set automatically to "{gridID}-cell-{colIndex}-{rowIndex}", for example, "myGrid-cell-1-2". The innerHTML of the cell element is updated by grid.setCellText(text, col, row) method.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
September 23,
I understand now, thank you!
September 23,

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