combo template not closing in Firefox

I would assume this fix would have been incorporated into the latest ActiveWidgets, but I am still getting this bug (using 2.5.3):


In particular, I tried out exactly this example:


and it works fine in IE, but is buggy in FF (the popups do not close in FF).

What is the deal with a fix for this?

Alternatively, I tried AW.UI.Combo and it works fine (doesn't have this bug), but the problem with it is, if I put many different AW.UI.Combo objects in different grid cells, how I can I determine which grid cell a particular selected AW.UI.Combo object is in? I.e. what events are triggered/actions called when you select from an AW.UI.Combo object?
It does trigger onCurrentItemChanged, but how could I get the grid cell coordinates inside this?

Could I get onCellValueChanged to be triggered:

grid_obj.onCellValueChanged = function(value, column, row) {
alert("Cell " + column + "." + row + " changed to " + value);

Thanks for your help.
Andrew Smith
January 16,

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