how can get data of a row

I need to get the data from the row which is selected.
can't figure out a way to do this.
June 26,
Try objname.getSelectedRows()
June 26,
Sorry, I clicked 'post' too soon. getSelectedRows() returns row indexes. You can then use those indexes to index into your data array used to populate your grid.
June 26,
You can do something like this...
What i do is make it so when they select, 1, some, or all items in my grid, it will add it to a hidden text box that i will split into an array later

obj.onSelectedRowsChanged = function(rowIndicesArray){
document.getElementById('hidden_selected_rows_teacher_portal_files').value = "" // Clear Current Value
for (i=0;i<rowIndicesArray.length;i++) {
// alert(obj.getCellValue(0,rowIndicesArray[i]))
var oldvalue = document.getElementById('hidden_selected_rows_teacher_portal_files').value;
document.getElementById('hidden_selected_rows_teacher_portal_files').value = oldvalue + "3$3" + obj.getCellValue(0,rowIndicesArray[i]);
June 26,

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