dont want horizontal scrollbar on grid

I am facing problem of horizontal scrollbar,
As i creating grid and putting data in it at runtime from Db.
As data entered, column width get changed as per data and horizontal scrollbar appears.

so i don't want horizontal scroll bar..
Would you please help me out?
October 5,
Read through this message thread -


That one discusses disabling it. However, you may just want to adjust your grid and column sizes so that everything fits without forcing the scrollbar.
October 5,
Thanks Anthony.
Above code hidden the horizontal scroll bar but i have another issue, when data rows added to runtime more than height of grid, vertical scroll bar appears. but this also change the width of columns.

why such things are happening , i already set width in stylesheet.

October 6,
The scrollbars always appear when there's more that can be displayed than would fit in the designated size. Think of the grid as a viewport on your data. If you want to scroll the page instead, there are solutions (do a forum search) but scrolling the grid is generally easier.
October 6,

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