not all rows display in a table

Processing a CSV file, the table on this page does not fully display.. http://proximityone.com/places.htm. There are over 81000 rows but the display stops at 74000 or so. Is there a limit? Something I am overlooking?

Thank you for any help.
October 2,
Which browser?
I can see 81.703 rows in FF 3.6.6
October 2,
But unsure if that applies also to the AW 2.5.1 version used in your sample.
October 2,
thank you. ff 3.6.6+ works; ie8 still stops short.

does seem to be relevant, though I cannot see where to insert the getMult function call in existing code.

Thanks again.
October 3,
Yes, unfortunately this is a IE8 bug which limits the element height set through style.height to 1342177px -


This issue is only present in IE8 - it wasn't in IE6/7 and it is not in IE9 either. Unfortunately I did not find any workaround for this, for example setting the height in em or in gives the same result.

The only easy solution I can see is to reduce the row height to 16px (maybe remove horizontal gridline) so that you can get 83k rows (=1342177/16).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 3,
thank you.

when I upgraded to ff 3.6.10, the dropdown buttons no longer operate.

button text also not centering ... I put this
.aw-ff3 .aw-ui-button {
display: inline-block;
in style & still not working.

thank you for any help.
October 3,

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