to avoid concate

hi ppl,
Wen i m trying to add two cells...wic consists of nos....but instead of getting added.... they r getting concatenated...i dont want this to happen.....plz can 1 help me out of dis.......
December 20,
This is probably too late, but your problem is one of variable typing. Try casting them to numbers -- using the function "Number(variable_name)" -- before adding them.

In the grid the cells are represented as strings, you have to convert them to whatever they should be when you pull them out. This is normally done if you have a bunch of formats on different columns by getting whatever format you've used on the cell {fmt = grid.getCellFormat(coords_of_cell)} and then using the fmt.textToValue(cell_text), but if your grid is simple enough to know they should just be numbers it might be easier for you to just cast them as numbers before adding.
January 5,

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