Firefox/ Grid problem using csv


We have statistics of junior hockey players made by Grid. Data is in csv file.

IE show everything, but Firefox show only text before Grid.
It started to show, but then it goes blank.
If you look this example with Firefox, you'll see the problem.


I can't solve the problem, could you help me, thanks.
Veikka from Finland
November 27,
For some reason your web server sends content-type HTTP header as text/plain for gecko.xml instead of text/xml. That may prevent Firefox from reading it correctly. I guess this is why you see the problem.

Also even if you modify the code or css - you should not remove the original copyright notice and the licensing information, I would appreciate if you put them back exactly as in the distibution files.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 27,
What would be the explicit correction for this problem? I'm having the same....
January 2,
I found that there were two different ways the stylesheets were delivered with the grid widget, one was in the common directory the other in the runtime/styles directory. I found that using the stylesheets as delivered in the runtime/styles directory solved this problem.
Foofie Quaf
January 5,

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