Grid fails in IE when 'Play animations in webpages' is disabled

Hi Alex,

We have a client who, for 'performance reasons', has disabled 'Play animations in webpages' in IE running in Citrix (see IE > Internet Options > Advanced tab > Multimedia > Play animations in webpages). Unfortunately, this setting seems to stop data loading into the AW 2.5.6 grid.

I can replicate this problem by making the above browser setting change in IE and then running the two examples in AW 2.5.6 'Grid behavior - scrolling'. With the Virtual example, the data doesn't appear initially, and only appears once you move the scroll bar. With the Static example, the data never appears. I'm using the Static option in my code, which means they see nothing.

I wasn't aware that this IE setting needed to be enabled (and have spent days troubleshooting this). Can you make any suggestions for getting the grid to work when this setting is disabled? I suspect many people using IE in Citrix has this setting disabled.

Thanks very much.
October 20,
In case it helps, on further testing, this issue seems to affect not just AW 2.5.6, but all the way back to AW 2.5. However, it doesn't seem to happen with the examples provided with AW 2.0.2. So something must have changed in AW 2.5 that makes it happen. I haven't tested the issue with any browser other than IE.
October 20,
Hi Alex,

Any thoughts yet on how I can deal with this issue? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much
October 26,
Can I get some support for this issue, please?

November 1,
Never tried with this option disabled nor used the grid under citrix, but
I can remember some things changed from 2.0.x to 2.5.x versions
please check:

I would try in following order.
.- virtual mode ( disabled)
.- cellTemplate ( set to AW.Templates.Text)
.- Defferred grid initialisation ( not sure how to deal with it)
.- If panels are involved, then check avobe link again
.- Content Template also changed to view template, but I just fix it once ( but wasn't a grid)

It would also dependes on your code , and how grid is rendered, so.. might be something not listed.
November 1,
Thanks Carlos. Alex, any thoughts to add?
November 2,
As a workaround you have to trigger grid initialization manually -
    }, 100);

It should run when the page layout is ready (or at least the size of the grid's parent element is available).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 2,
Alex, thanks very much. That fix seems to work perfectly, and solves the problem very neatly. Excellent, and thanks again.
November 3,
Alex, that fix seems not to work in latest version 2.6.

Do you have a another solution?

Thank you.
Dag Pettersen
January 19,
Sorry about the last reply,the fix works!
Dag Pettersen
January 19,

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