Pop-up menu onClick

Hi, what a cool library.

I have a question: I'd like to pop-up a menu when a row is clicked.

I've found a pop-up menu on dynamic drive I'm trying to use, but I can't figure out how to call it.

This code does not work:
obj.setAction("click", showmenu(event,linkset[0]));

Yet this does work:
<a href="#" onMouseover="showmenu(event,linkset[0])" onMouseout="delayhidemenu()">Webmaster Links</a><br>

Any ideas?
Don Smith
January 5,
I did not try this, but change your code to this:

obj.setEvent('onclick', function(){showmenu(event,linkset[0]);})

give that a try.
Jim Hunter
January 6,

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