DOCTYPE declaration breaks ActiveWidgets

Hi. I have other components in my webpage that require me to use the following DOCTYPE declaration in my HTML document:


This breaks ActiveWidgets, resulting in the grid not beeing shown. I think the doctype declaration is pretty standard, and I would be nice if someone knew how to make ActiveWidgets work in spite of this declaration.

Edvin Syse
April 24,
Yes, I have a similar problem - my doctype is in a dreamweaver template and I cannot take it out. But the XHTML 1.1 doctype is messing up the scrollbars on the grid (both IE6 and Firefox).
June 1,
Grid is obviously designed to work in QUIRKS mode.
The doctype mentioned above switches most browsers in STANDARDS mode. Thus the problems.

The solution is either use doctype that sets browser in QUIRKS mode.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

Or pay Alex to write a version of grid for STANDARDS mode! :)
June 9,
I wouldn't hold your breath... This tool has great promise, but is sorely let down by lack of good documentation and a forum that as it grows will effectively serve the long-suffering developer.
June 9,

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