how to change the starting number of row index??

In default, the row index of Active Widgets Grid starts from "1". Now, I have a problem in changing the starting number of the row index from "1" to myVarible. Could anyone tell me how to change the starting number of the row index. Thanks!!! :)
May 4,
This works for me:

obj.setRowText(function(i){return startingRow + i});
D. Cooke
May 5,
I really appreciate your help. thank you!!!
May 5,
Hi, Cooke
I applied your solution to the example file offered by Active Widgets(examples/grid/basic.htm), and it worked. But, there came another problem after adding the code to the example file.
 After adding that, the order of row index will change when I sort some column by clicking the header of the column.
Does anyone know how to make the "modified" row index fixed when doing sorting??? Thanks!!  :)
May 5,
Hi again Jack,

The following forum thread might help:


I haven't tried it myself since I disabled the built-in sorting and sort on the server side by requerying.
D. Cooke
May 5,

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