checkbox and refresh table

I am building my data with input type checkbox at first column.

for example: myData[myData.length] = ["<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"NAME\">", "BBB", "CCC"];

When I checked some checkbox/s and make sort on some column OR refreshing the page, the selected checkboxes selection disappeared.

How can I solve this problem, please help, need to update version urgently.

Ofer N.
May 9,
Search the form for a built in grid checkbox patch.
May 10,
I'm getting the same problem when in Virtual Rendering mode. But I can't find the grid checkbox patch you're referring to. Could you post a link to that message? Thanks!
June 5,
I guess that post refers to version 1 - with AW 2.0 you can just use AW.Templates.Checkbox template.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 5,

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