Changing the value of a row cell

I'm using the grid with an XML file.
I want to dynamically change the value of a cell and refreshing the grid.

obj.setDataProperty("text", "TEST", 0, 0);

I though this would change the value of the first column of the first tow to "TEST", but it didn't work. Something I missed ?
Adrien C.
May 30,
I've been looking around, and tried to use :

table.setText("TEST", 0, 0);

[/quote]Error: setting a property that has only a getter
Source File: js/grid/xml/table.js
Line: 282[/quote]

obj.setText = function(value, i, j){
      var node = this.getNode(i, j);
      node.text = value; // <--

Any help would be appreciated.
Adrien C.
June 1,
Please look at this thread:


Property text is available in IE only. You have to add it to Mozilla/Firefox or use nodeValue instead
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 1,
I had read that post, but I don't know how to set it up under Mozilla.
this.firstChild.nodeValue = value;
I have an error with that line, firstChild is not defined. Maybe firstChild = getNode(0,0) ?
Adrien C.
June 2,

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