Freezing two Rows in an HTML table?

Is it possible to freeze two rows in an html table?

I can freeze one row...but not sure how to freeze two (without placing a table containing several rows within a single row of the main table and locking this row) - column alignment issues ocurr when placing a table within a row.
July 19,
How do you freeze ONE row?
October 27,
Are you talking about an AW.UI.GRID or an HTML <Table>?
Jim Hunter
October 27,
How do you freeze ONE row? Please help.
R Gournen
November 6,
M Troxel
December 6,

Can you please send the code for freeze rows and columns in HTML. using tables and it has to be freez by Vertical as well Horizantl also.

Awaiting for your quick reply.

Thanks in Advance
[email protected]
August 30,

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