How to format CSV data?

Please help me how to format data which read from a CSV file?
kevin (TLI)
July 30,
I'm not certain but I don't think you can simply call the CSV file directly.
In order to format a CSV file for display within the grid, you must save it as a .txt file without existing Excel formatting. This will "flatten" the file and make it a tab-delimited text file, then just identify the src:

/* GET DATA SOURCE FILE (.txt saved from EXCEL) */
table.setProperty("URL", "data/newpositionssummary.txt");
August 8,
How we can make a csv file(report) left and right justified....is it possible to show any sort of data formatting in csv report?how we can generate report which shows data formatting like justifications,bolds etc. when we create a report in csv format by fetching the data from data base?
November 20,

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